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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Personal Data Act (523/99) 10 §




RJ-Kuntoiluseteli Ltd.

Rinnakkaistie 19

65350 VAASA

Business ID number: 1965186-6


Name of the register

Sporttori’s customer database



Register Administrator’s contact email address:


Purpose of the register

The purpose of the register is to maintain Sporttori’s customer database and to process and archive customer orders. The register may also be used in the tracking of lost packages. Data may be used to help develop the operations at Sporttori, for statistical purposes, and for RJ-Kuntoiluseteli Ltd. customer and product information, marketing, research or competitions. Personal data is handled in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/99). Customers receive up to date communication electronically, subject to the user’s consent.


Data content of the register

Sporttori’s customer database contains the following information:

·         First and last name

·         E-mail address

·         Telephone number

·         Postal address

·         For corporate customers, the name of the business and ID number

·         County of residence

·         Order information

·         Order delivery tracking information

·         Identification for own account (e.g. username)

Sources of data

The Register Administrator registers the information which the registering customer has supplied to the Register Administrator at Sporttori’s online shop, or any other electronic systems in Sporttori’s use.


Disclosure of register data

Personal data will not be shared with any third parties outside the Company, and will not be transferred outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area. For technical reasons some of the data may be located on the servers of subcontractors, from which they are processed electronically. All data remains undisclosed to any third parties.


Principles of data security

The register is protected by firewalls and other security technologies. The register is only accessible to employees designated by the Register Administrator. The register is located on Sporttori’s password protected server.


The right to inspection of data

An individual that has registered information in the customer database has the right to inspect that information in accordance with the Personal Data Act, 26 §. A written and signed request for inspection must be sent to the Register Administrator at Sporttori’s address.


Correction of customer information

A registered customer is able to both correct and add additional information to their registered and recorded data. The customer can update their own customer account information on the Sporttori website. In order to alter the information, the customer must sign in to their own account with the username they have created for themselves.



Cookies are small files which are stored on a user’s computer, and are generally used on websites to support user functions. Cookies allow for the tracking of a user’s behaviour on the website concerned. In accordance with the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, websites that use cookies must inform users that cookies are used and state for what purpose.

Sporttori uses cookies for website operations, such as measuring customer flow and product suggestions. Cookies can be removed through the settings in your web browser.

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