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Terms & Conditions

Sporttori Terms and Conditions

Scope of Consumer Protection



Sporttori (hereinafter Sporttori) is an online shop found at www.sporttori.fi and is operated by RJ-Kuntoiluseteli Ltd. (Business ID number: 1965186-6).

The following terms and conditions apply to the business transactions that take place between the consumer and Sporttori.

Sporttori reserves the right to make unilateral changes to these terms and conditions without notice. Orders are subject to the terms and conditions that are valid at the moment of order, which are indicated on the Sporttori website. Any applicable changes in the law become effective immediately, as it stands, unless otherwise noted in the law.

Sporttori is not liable for any loss or damage arising out of circumstances beyond Sporttori’s control. Circumstances beyond Sporttori’s control are considered to be any kind of unpredictable factors, “force majeure”, or changes in circumstances that are outside the influence of Sporttori. Sporttori is obligated to inform the customer as soon as possible of any circumstances beyond its control that have arisen.



Consumer sales take place in accordance with existing Finnish and European Union legislation on consumer protection.

Trade agreements between corporate customers and Sporttori take place in accordance with the Finnish Sale of Goods Act unless otherwise noted in these terms and conditions.

The customer is obligated to provide their full contact details when making an order, which for the individual customer include at least their name, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address. For corporate customers the required information is the name of a contact person, their telephone number and e-mail address, as well as the company’s business ID number, postal address, telephone number/s and where applicable, billing address.

When placing an order with Sporttori, the customer is required to read and agree to the terms of delivery which are valid at that time.

Estimated times of delivery are calculated in accordance with the information given by manufacturers and importers. Neither Sporttori or its suppliers are liable for any delays due to unforeseeable circumstances that have arisen from outside their sphere of influence. A binding agreement comes into effect when the order is registered into the Sporttori system.


The Purpose of Processing Personal Data

Personal data is handled in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/99) 10 §. For more information on Sporttori’s handling of personal data, please visit: (www.sporttori.fi/tietosuoja)



All prices include value added tax, but do not include delivery costs unless otherwise specified. If prices should happen to include any obvious price errors, the product will not be sold for the significantly lower price, as long as it can be assumed that the customer has understood that there is an error.

If the price of a product should rise before the delivery is processed, the items ordered from Sporttori will be delivered for the original price. If any changes are made to the order, the pricing of the product will be determined by the price that is specified at the time the order changes are made. If prices are reduced, Sporttori will automatically send the product for the new, lower price.

Sporttori reserves the right to limit the sale of products in exceptionally large quantities.



A current list of available payment methods can be viewed on the Sporttori website at: (www.sporttori.fi/maksutavat)

Some of the payment methods require registering as a customer to Sporttori’s customer database.

Corporate customers may apply for a billing account. More information on payment methods is available on the Sporttori website, or through e-mail at: info@sporttori.fi.



More information on Sporttori’s delivery methods and countries delivered to, please visit: (www.sporttori.fi/toimitustavat). Delivery charges vary depending on the method of delivery and are displayed when an order is being placed.


Delivery Charges

The online shopping cart will automatically note any special offers on delivery rates when an order is being placed. Collect on Delivery (COD) orders will be collected without exception for all COD orders. Sporttori has the right to charge and collect the full fee on any unclaimed COD, bus COD order or otherwise paid / ordered an unclaimed subscription. If the customer wants the order to be posted again, he must pay for shipping according to the instructions separately and products no longer accept returns.

Orders received during working days before 3PM will be dispatched on the date of order submission. Delivery usually takes 1 – 2 business days. A complete order refers to an order for which all of the products are in stock and reserved for that order, and the method of payment has been approved.

Sporttori is not obligated to reserve other products in an order for which one product has poor availability, or  its delivery will be delayed due to circumstances outside of Sporttori’s control. The consumer may either consent to the delay on delivery of the item, or cancel the order. Normal delivery charges will apply to the delayed delivery. Products on order will be reserved for a maximum of 7 days, after which the order will be cancelled, unless the customer has consented to a delayed delivery in accordance with Sporttori’s terms and conditions.

The customer is accountable for inspecting their delivery within fourteen (14) days.



The consumer always has fourteen (14) days right of return in accordance with chapter 6 of the Consumer Protection Act. Additionally, Sporttori provides a guarantee of satisfaction with the right of return being free of charge for deliveries within Finland (excluding Åland Islands). If you wish to return an item within the fourteen days for reimbursement, you must fill out a return form at: (www.sporttori.fi/palautukset). The return policy is only valid for items that are unused, still in their original packaging, and in condition to be sold as new. Change- and return right does not apply with hygiene products, swimwear, underwear, socks or removal products. The item being returned must always be returned separately, and possibly a new order placed.


Consumer Complaint Claims

If the product should differ from what has been specified in the agreement between Sporttori and the customer, or if the product in any other way does not match the description given by Sporttori, the product may be returned. The right of return on faulty goods applies only to items that are already defective at the time of delivery, it does not apply to any wear and tear defects that have arisen through normal use of the item. The faulty goods must be returned to Sporttori within a reasonable amount of time after the defect has been discovered. Sporttori reserves the right to primarily fix the defect, secondarily send out a new product, and ultimately, failing all else, provide a refund.



When returning an item, the customer is liable for the product’s condition if it has not been packaged according to the instructions given by Sporttori. For this reason, it is important that packing instructions are followed so the product will not be damaged during transportation and delivery. The product must be unused and returned in its original and intact packaging. All of the packaging labels must be in place, and the instructions for use must be included in the return. It is important that protective packaging is used, and that tape or any other kind material is not attached directly to the original packaging.


Damage in Transit

Sporttori is responsible for products that are damaged or lost during delivery. A damage claim must be filed immediately with the delivery company involved, as soon as the damage has been noted. After filing the claim, the customer must get in touch with Sporttori’s customer service. It is important for the customer to check their delivery when they receive it, in order to note any damage that has occurred in transit. In the event of any damage that has occurred during transportation, make sure to keep all of the packing material and all of the packaging of the items involved.


Customer Feedback

If a customer leaves product feedback on the Sporttori website (www.sporttori.fi), they are simultaneously agreeing to the right to have that feedback published on the Sporttori website (www.sporttori.fi), as well as through other channels and media. Sporttori reserves the right to not publish feedback and/or the right to remove feedback.



Sporttori follows the recommendations given by the Consumer Disputes Board and the Finnish law in any possible consumer dispute situations.

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